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  Name: Victor Manuel Rodas (Jose Manuel Medrano, Hector Ascencio, Victor Manuel Rodriguez)  
  Sex: Male  
  Race: Hispanic  
  Age Now: 48  
  Height: 5'8"  
  Weight: 185 lbs  
  Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair): Black May have mustache or goatee  
  Eyes (Color and Correction): Brown  
  Wanted for : Murder, Elizabeth, NJ; Oct 14, 2001
  Last Seen : Elizabeth, NJ  
  Possible Location : Houston/Pasedena, TX Massachusetts Delaware  
  Last Known : Unkown  
  Known to always carry a knife or blade  
  Cops say he is possibly an alcoholic  
  Has worked as a day laborer on construction sites and factories  
  May be using aliases  
  Case Story  
  Cops: Man Murders Housemate With Machete  
  Cops in Elizabeth, New Jersey say Victor Rodas had been drinking most of the day on October 14, 2001, when he ran out of alcohol. That's when police say he approached another resident of the group home he lived in, Juan Ramirez, and asked to borrow some money so he could buy more to drink. When Juan refused to give Rodas the money, cops say Rodas pulled out a machete and viciously attacked Juan. Juan died before the ambulance arrived. After the attack, detectives say Rodas persuaded two acquaintances to drive him to a Greyhound bus terminal in Delaware. They say there are no records to show that Rodas ever got on a bus. Rodas hasn't been seen or heard from since.  
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