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  Name: Oscar Fermin Torres-Chavez (Roberto Albares Bravo, Oscar David Montano, Erik Torres)  
  Sex: Male  
  Race: Hispanic  
  Age Now: 28  
  Height: 5'7"  
  Weight: 150 lbs  
  Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair): Black  
  Eyes (Color and Correction): Brown  
  Other Physical Characteristics: Bleached his hair blond/shaved his head trying to change his identity  
  Wanted for : Attempted First Degree Murder (2 counts), Wichita, KS; Jul 21, 1998
First Degree Murder, Wichita, KS; Jul 21, 1998
Criminal Discharge of Firearm at Occupied Building, Wichita, KS; Jul 21, 1998
  Last Seen : Wichita, KS  
  Possible Location : Kay County, OK Houston/Pasedena, TX Mexico Kansas  
  Last Known : Kansas  
  Police say he is a drug and alcohol user  
  Reputed gang member of the Vato Loco Boys  
  Case Story  
  A Lie Leads To Murder  
  It all started with a lie. Police in Wichita, Kansas say that on July 21, 1998, a member of a Wichita street gang told other members of the group that a rival gang had damaged one of their cars. The truth was that the gang member had been involved in an accident earlier that day. But he didn't want to be blamed for damaging the vehicle, so he made up a cover story. Cops say the gang couldn't let the perceived insult by its rivals pass. So, they say, Oscar Torres-Chavez and seven others jumped in a car and headed out to exact their revenge.   
  An Innocent Child Is Caught In The Crossfire  
  Police say Oscar Torres-Chavez was behind the wheel as the group drove up to a house where they believed their rivals were staying. Several people were standing outside the residence, and cops say the men in the car opened fire on them with a shotgun. But the victims were just innocent bystanders. One of them -- an eight-year-old boy -- was hit in the head and fatally wounded.  Cops caught up with the vehicle driven by Torres-Chavez, pulled it over and and arrested  all of its occupants. The seven others in the car pleaded guilty and were sent to prison. But not Torres-Chavez.  He was able to bond out, and that's when police believe he took off for Mexico.  Investigators have tracked him going in and out of Mexico several times, but he's managed to stay a step ahead of them.  
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