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  Name: Derrick "D-Black" Henderson (Lamont Anderson, Lamont Henderson)  
  Sex: Male  
  Race: Black  
  Age Now: 39  
  Eyes (Color and Correction): Brown  
  Other Physical Characteristics: Medium build Accused member of the Raysor drug gang. Alleged drug dealer and gang enforcer. Police say he is always armed. Agents says he extremely violent and vengeful. Grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.  
  Wanted for : Homicide, Brooklyn, NY; Jan 18, 1994
Conspiracy to Distribute Crack cocaine, Brooklyn, NY
Racketeering, Brooklyn, NY; 1996
  Last Seen : Brooklyn, NY Henderson was last seen in New York at the time his indictment was issued.  
  Possible Location : Maryland New York North Carolina Virginia Delaware Henderson's gang is alleged to have drug enterprises in various states down the East Coast.  
  Last Known : Unkown  
  Case Story  
  Agents - Drug Lord Lieutenant Terrorizes Neighborhood  
  In 1985, investigators say Chaka Raysor and his brother, Umeme, formed a ruthless drug gang in their Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. At its peak, agents say the organization raked in over $90,000 a week dealing crack cocaine in Brooklyn, Maryland, Delaware and Norfolk, Virginia. The federal indictment also charges Chaka Raysor with a total of nine murders. But agents believe the Raysor organization committed more than forty homicides during their ten-year reign of terror. On the streets of Brooklyn, the gang was known as "The Killers." Agents believe that Derrick Henderson was one of the Raysors' chief lieutenants, and is also named in the indictment.  
  In the early morning hours of January 18, 1994, agents say Henderson ordered a crack addict to douse an occupied apartment building with gasoline and set it ablaze.  One resident, Yvonne Archibald, leapt to her death from a third floor window in a desperate attempt to escape the inferno. After the indictment of the gang was released, Umeme Raysor was captured, but Chaka and Henderson both escaped.  
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